Bishop Dr Leonard Auala (1960-1978), was consecrated as the first native Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Owambo-Kavango Church (ELOC), by Bishop Elis G Gulin from Tampere Diocese in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF) on 30. 06. 1963 at Oniipa, after the Church General Synod of April 1963. In 1984, ELOC’s name was officially changed to its current iteration, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia (ELCIN) to reflect its national presence on the Namibian scene. In 1992, through the decision of the General Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Namibia church divided into two dioceses; the Eastern and the Western diocese.

Eastern Diocese is base at Oniipa next to ELCIN Heard Office. The Eastern Diocese led by the following Bishops: Bishop Dr Kleopas Dumeni (1978-1996); Bishop Appollos Kaulinge (2000 – 2004); Bishop Johannes Cindano (2004-2010); Bishop Dr S V V Nambala 2011-2021). Currently Eastern Diocese is under the leadership of Diocesan leader Rev Hilja Nghaangululwa and Executive Secretary is Rev Aron Set Kanana



Eastern Diocese consist of Ten (10) such as:

  1. Auala Deanary,
  2. Oshigambo Deanary,
  3. Uumbangalantu Deanary,
  4. Epembe Deanary,
  5. Omandongo Deanary,
  6. Omuthiya Deanary,
  7. Okongo Deanary,
  8. Rundu Deanary,
  9. Tsumeb Deanary,
  10. Windhoek Deanary.

Each deanery is directed by a pastor who is responsible for his Parish. The Diocese is having fifty seven (57) active  pastors comprehensively and eight Deacons. The Eastern Diocese consist of 58 parishes.