ELCIN has a holistic approach of doing ministry;

  1. Education

ELCIN owns two Private Schools

  • Oshigambo High School, since 1960
  • Nkurenkuru High School, since 1990
  1. Other Training institutions:
  • Engela Parish Institute, trains deacons and lay preachers;
  • ELCIN Rehabilitation Centre,
  • United Lutheran Theological Seminary- Paulinum, (training Institution of Pastors)
  1. Printing Press

ELCIN own its newspaper for 117 years called Omukwetu, the mouth piece of the church. It is printed monthly in local language for parish and church use. You may order your copy,

  1. Medical Services
  • ELCIN has a private hospitals, called Selma Rainio. It provides a community based primary health care.
  • Other services offered by ELCIN include ELOC Vestment which produces clerical outfits, holy communion wafers and various hand crafts for sale.

Onandjokwe Hospital originally it was a Church hospital based in the Eastern Diocese, although currently is being run by the Government of the Republic of Namibia. The Namibia International airport is based in the Eastern Diocese, and two big border posts Noordover and Ariams vlei. There are also some minor border posts to Botswana, Zambia, Angola and Zimbabwe.

· ELCIN owns its Guest House at Oniipa and Windhoek at the affordable price.