Since the struggle of self determination is now attained, the magazine experience new challenges that compelled the management to scratch their heads to find ways and means to overcome it.  Finances constraint is surely the major one of them to hamper all necessary progress to be made.  Open choices for readers to look at other media, is also another challenge the magazine has to deal with as many new daily newspapers are being sold almost at every corner of streets.

Despite of all these, Omukwetu is still acknowledged its vital role to play with other stakeholders in the country regarding community building and uplifting of the society. By doing this, it does not perhaps merely do it in competitiveness way but at its own capability and arena to match towards its aim and objectives that are;

  1. a) To be still a reliable Church mouthpiece that stand for the rights for every human being, promote all efforts for justice and truth without fear or favor;
  2. b) To make sure that its massage should and must be a good news to the reader in the language of the grassroots majority, and to those people who by one or another way find themselves in desperate situation by unfulfilled their aspirations in achieving the independence.
  3. c) To recognize other roles being played by other Medias in the community and along with is concentrate mostly to what is being done within the Church activities locally and beyond.
  4. d) To be still a source of educator, counselor and advisor in area critical  to the majority of population such as economic, social, health and above all  in helping them uphold their morale which at some extend is being derailed by the spirit of capitalistic competitiveness in everyday’s

By attaining these, the more than 100 years old age organ is hoped to breathe always lively.