Leonard Auala was born on 25. 09. 1908 in Iiyale Village, Oniipa. He schooled together with the children of Missionaries at Oniipa in 1919, he also attended teachers training in Oniipa as from 1929 to 1931. He furthered his education at Augustineum Okahandja from 1934 to 1935, in addition, he attended Pastoral Training in Oniipa (1942). He was ordained as a Pastor on 24. 11. 1942. In 1956-1957, he furthered Theological Education at Moravian Theological Seminary, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He was consecrated as the first native Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Owambo-Kavango Church (ELOC), by Bishop Elis G Gulin from Tampere Diocese in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF) on 30. 06. 1963 at Oniipa, after the Church General Synod of April 1963. He died peacefully on Sunday of 04. 12. 1983 at 3:45 a.m. in Onandjokwe Lutheran Hospital.